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Our Regular Services

Ship Repairing

Crewing (Sign on/Off)

Logistics Support

Survey & Inspection

Ship Store Supply

Marine Spare Parts

Navigational Equipments Supply & Repair

Owner Protecting

Sludge Disposal & Scrap Purchasing

How We Can Serve you

Neptune Ships Serve & Logistics. (NSSL)  – supply Deck Store, Engine Store, Bond Store, Cabin Store, Filter, fresh provision, Bunker Supply ( M.G.O, I.F.O, Lube Oil ), Chemical, Gases and paints, Watchmen Supply, Tank/Hatch/Sludge oil/ Garbage Cleaning, Refilling Cylinders bottles of Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon etc., Annual Inspection Of Life raft , fire extinguisher, EEBD, SCBA, CO2 system, Life boat etc. with certificate approved by International Classification. Complete ship chandler solution. For enquiries and orders, please contact the office near you.

Hydraulic Motor/pump supply/repairing  Steel fabrication, Crane Repair, Maine engine & auxiliary engine overhauling, all types of motor rewinding, Sheet metal fabrication, Pipe work fabrication, Welding practices including, stainless/alloy, to Classification Society approval, Engine and machinery repairs, Marine plumbing, High pressure washing and short blasting, Shipwright and carpentry, Electrical & Electronics repairs and installations, Marine equipment procurement.

1) Ship main and auxiliary engine over-hauling and repair
2) Pumps & compressor over-hauling and repair.
3) Fabrications of all pipes & STEEL work
4) Electric motor rewinding & over-hauling
5) Repairing of navigational apparatus – radar – VHF – radio transmitter – echo sounding – computer – copiers
6) Over-hauling & repairing of air-conditioning system and refrigerators
7) Under water Hull, Propeller cleaning & repairing
8) Life Raft /CO2 System /Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment Servicing
9) Chipping and Painting.
10) Hull, Pipelines & Accommodation Servicing
11) Rotating Machinery.
12) Cranes / Grabs / Hydraulics Servicing
13) Boilers & Heat Exchangers.
14) Electrical & Automation

1) All kind of Marine Engine & Spare Parts 
2) Aux Engine (Diesel generating sets) & Spare Parts 
3) Lube Oil/ Oil Separator / Oil Purifiers 
4) Hydraulic Pumps & Motor 
5) Stores Supply (Deck/Engine/Elect.) 
6) Navigation Equipment Repairing & Install. 
7) Main Air compressor And Oil supply 
8) Sludge Oil & Slop Oil Disposal. 
9) Chipping & Painting Works. 
10) Turbocharger & Spares 
11) Life Raft Servicing.(Any Safety Equipments). 
12) Tank Any Cleaning. / Hatch Cleaning. / Galley Garbage Cleaning. 
13) Oxygen / Acetylene/ L.P.G Gas / Felon Bottle Refilling Etc. 
14) Co2 Refill, Inspection & Servicing (include All Fire Fighting Equipments). 
15) B.A. Chart, Navigation Books, & Others Stationary. 
16) Safety and Deck Store Items 
17) Computer Accessories 

1) Bunker & Lube Oil Supply.
2) Fresh / Frozen and Dry Provisions
3) Stores Supply (Deck. Eng. Elect.)
4) Navigation Equipment Repairing & Install.
5) Sludge Oil & Slop Oil Disposal.
6) Any Kind Of Spare Parts Supply & Install.
7) Chipping & Painting Works.
8) Life Raft Servicing. (Any Safety Equipments).
9) Tank Any Cleaning. / Hatch Cleaning. / Galley Garbage Cleaning.
10) Oxygen / Acetylene/ L.P.G Gas / Freon Bottle Refilling Etc.
11) Co2 Refill, Inspection & Servicing (include All Fire Fighting Equipments).
12) B.A.Chart, Navigation Books, & Others Stationary.
13) Repair & Maintenance Worksrement.

1) Survey of hull and machinery damages.
2) Follow-up and control of repairs.
3) Assist to ship-owners and underwriters in cases of salvage or rescue operations.
4) Crisis management assistance.
5) Pre-purchase and valuation condition surveys (on behalf of banks or prospective buyers).
6) Pre-entry condition surveys and ship inspections on behalf of P&I Clubs and Hull Underwriters.
7) Seaworthiness inspections.
8) Surveys on behalf of Flag States.
9) ISM: Training, advice, consultancy and internal audits.
10) Hatch cover inspections (incl. ultrasonic testing by certified operators).

1) Cargo surveys (bulk, container, break bulk, project material, general merchandise).
2) Hatch surveys.
3) Pre-loading surveys (bulk, container, break bulk, project material, general merchandise).
4) Speed performance claim surveys.
5) Fuel oil consumption claim surveys.
6) Freight disputes/cargo measurement claims.
7) Personal injury surveys.
8) Investigation into cause of damage.
9) Steel pre-loading surveys:
10) Quality-, flatness- and thickness surveys (verification of contract specifications).
11) Describing the rust condition (incl. as per American Rust Standard guide).
12) shying and securing surveys (according to IMO advanced calculation method).
13) Advice and assistance to Masters.

Some of Recent Projects